Slide NeuRx DPS® by Synapse Biomedical
  • More than 2000 patients successfully treated
  • Medicare, Medicaid & private insurance eligible
  • Minimally invasive surgical procedure
  • Conditions the diaphragm muscle

Our breakthrough diaphragm pacing system for spinal cord injuries

Our FDA approved NeuRx DPS® is specifically designed to decrease the reliance on mechanical ventilators for patients with spinal cord injuries.

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What NeuRx DPS® Patients Are Saying

The Pacer has changed my life tremendously. I haven’t had a single problem with the pacer and it has for sure given me a better quality of life.- Adam Booker
The pacer has allowed me to do many things that I never thought I would be able to do again. It really has enhanced my life.- Heather Johnson
Without having tubes on my chest and not hearing the constant noise from the ventilator, I feel much more like a person and less like a machine.- Joel Vander Molen
The competent and compassionate service that I have received from this company is exemplary. Any time that I have a question or a concern, one of Synapse's representatives is always readily available to assist me, even if that means driving to Harrisburg to meet with me. Thank you, Synapse, for giving me my life back.- Nicholas Essis

Use of diaphragm pacing in the management of acute cervical spinal cord injury.

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Synapse Biomedical and Case Western Reserve University Announce Collaboration to Commercialize Advanced Neurostimulation Technology

With the support of a $3 million Ohio Third Frontier Innovation Platform Program grant, Synapse Biomedical Inc. will lead the commercialization of third.. Read More →